Workshops 2012

The 2012 workshops HEIMAT BERLIN were dedicated to the recent history of immigration. In the learning workshops »Erzähl (d)eine Geschichte« (»Tell Your Story«) and »Heimatspuren« (»Traces of Homeland«), children and teenagers from the neighbourhood around Potsdamer Straße went in search of people and things that tell of their lives here and elsewhere. What it was like to come to Berlin in 1970 as a Turkish guest worker was vividly »acted out« in the theater workshop »Almanya, Almanya«. The workshop »Israelis in Berlin« gave teenagers the opportunity to ask immigrant Israelis personal questions about their experiences, and in the theater workshop »Vier suchen einen Nachmieter« (»Four Looking for a Tenant«), elementary school children could playfully solve conflicts that arise in living together.