Villa Global 2014

The intercultural VILLA GLOBAL exhibition will present its new look in 2014. The overarching motto, »Heimat Berlin« informs the 12 small, individually decorated apartments that visitors are invited to discover the personal histories of the old and new tenants. By opening the door and looking around leaving no stone unturned, the visitor can learn a lot. And the people who are presented here really exist.

The exhibition is the result of the model project »Heimat Berlin. Migrationsgeschichte für Kinder« (»Homeland Berlin. Migration History for Children«), sponspored by the Federal Ministry, in conjunction with the program, »Toleranz fördern – Kompetenz stärken« (»Promoting Tolereance-Strengthening Competence«). It is aimed at children 10 years of age and older and all others who want to learn more about the diversity of our city and its inhabitants.

Various other related material will be shown alongside the exhibition. We will also offer project days for schools and youth organisations, as well as an event program for adults.